Celebrate Aurora


Patriotic Days

The Celebrate Aurora Committee  would like to invite EVERYONE to the annual rummage sale on Saturday, May 5th, 2018 to raise funds for the 2018 Patriotic Days. 

The committee will gaurantee an assortment of items for sale, ranging from clothing to small household items for your everyday needs! You will walk away with treasures you never knew you NEEDED and those you KNEW you couldn't live without!

Come join the committee on the first Saturday of May and indulge in coversation and good eats! 

Hope to see everyone at the Aurora Community Center! 

*** All proceeds will benefit the Patriotic Days during the July 3rd and 4th Celebration of 2018.***


Aurora Community Center

​          15 W 1st Ave N

        Aurora, MN 55705


         7am-2pm on May 5th, 2018

How to Donate...

         Drop off all items at the                   Aurora Community Center on             May 3rd @ 5:30pm-7pm -or-

         May 4th @ 8am-5pm 

What can I Donate...

​         Gently used clothing,                       household items, small                   furniture, tools, gaming

         electronics, etc.

What can't I donate...

         TV's, computers, cribs or                 large appliances